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Bioelements creates personalized, clinical formulas that are part science, part nature, and entirely clean. Check out our latest barrier reparative innovations for sensitive skin.

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Our heritage brand was built on real-life, clinical results in the treatment room. Skin care science is always evolving – and our formulas and services evolve to keep you on the forefront, and exceed your clients' expectations. Plus, we offer the lowest cost-per-treatments in the industry.

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That Outshines

We keep you and your clients excited with constant innovation. We've been the first to discover and establish some of the most industry-changing ingredients and formulations – including our one-and-only Custom Blending System.

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Enjoy unlimited advanced education, high-powered promotions, aggressively-expanding brand awareness, and industry thought leadership that only comes from a trusted, award-winning legacy brand. No one will support your business like us.

how weFormulate

To us, the concept of "clean beauty" is nothing new – we've been skin-conscious, mindful and responsible formulators since day one. Our professional-use-only and at-home products blend the best of science and nature with natural botanicals, aromatherapist and pure essential oils – if an ingredient isn't good for the skin, it's simply not included. Our formulas target all skin concerns, all skin types, and all signs of aging with breakthrough ingredients – many of which we pioneered in the industry.

Bioelements professional skin care formulas deliver the professional results estheticians and at-home users want with the highest standards of quality and performance.


Our clinical skin care formulas do not contain artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens – which can irritate and damage skin – and we never test on animals. Ready to see for yourself? Talk to us. 

at-homeSkin Care

At-Home Skin Care

Our trusted at-home formulas give your clients the same professional results they expect after receiving a spa facial. It’s a complete line of professional skin care products that can target any concern – from wrinkles or sagging, to dark undereye circles or breakouts – there’s a formula designed for it all. 

If you are a licensed professional and wish to purchase our wholesale products for your personal use visit our Bioelements Authorized Distributor page.

Product categories include
  • Cleansers
    (1 of 13)

    Great skin starts here: with formulas created for every single skin type.

  • Toners
    (2 of 13)

    Every skin needs the right toner to rebalance, renew and nourish.

  • Moisturizers
    (3 of 13)

    Designed to deliver hydration with active ingredients
    that protect, soothe and keep skin confortable.

  • Sensitive
    (4 of 13)

    Formulated with no artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, perfume,
    parabens, DEA, phthalates or irritants.

  • Acne Clearing System
    (5 of 13)
    Acne Clearing System

    With the highest level, FDA-approved PTC acne medicines –
    formulated to clear skin without drying or irritating.

  • Problem Solvers
    (6 of 13)
    Problem Solvers

    A team of quick-thinking, high-potency formulas to call on
    when skin is under internal or environmental assaults.

  • Lightening + Brightening
    (7 of 13)
    Lightening + Brightening

    Fast-working formulas to brighten all over, or pinpoint and obliterate stubborn spots.

  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreens
    (8 of 13)
    Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

    Our broad spectrum sunscreens decrease the risk of early skin aging
    caused by the sun and provide daily moisturization.

  • Age Activists Face
    (9 of 13)
    Age Activists® Face

    Advanced formulas designed to turn back the clock, and zero in on
    loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, and rough texture.

  • Age Activists Eyes
    (10 of 13)
    Age Activists® Eyes

    Our eye formulas are designed to provide visible results, and are
    ophthalmologist tested for safety and efficacy.

  • Overnight Age Activists
    (11 of 13)
    Overnight Age Activists®

    Nighttime products that target visible age signs and work
    with the skin's natural overnight changes.

  • Corrective Treatment Masks + Exfoliators
    (12 of 13)
    Corrective Treatment Masks + Exfoliators

    A mask for every concern, from dehydration to acne-fighting; plus effective scrub and peel formulas to reveal brighter, younger skin.

  • Body
    (13 of 13)

    Antioxidant and 100% pure essential oils nourish neck-to-toes
    for smoother, hydrated, glowing skin.

use only
Skin Care

Professional-Use-Only Skin Care

Why do estheticians love, trust and rely on us? Because we put the control right in their hands. Our professional grade formulas are designed solely for use by trained professionals in the treatment room, and can be customized every step of the way. These highly active, natural and scientific esthetician products are extremely effective yet safe on the skin, and are a part of our targeted facial and body treatments.

Product categories include
  • Chemical Surface Peels
    (1 of 8)

    Our acid-hybrid glycolic and lactic Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel formulas dissolve surface cells microscopically, draw out aging environmental impurities and leave skin glowing, not flaking.
    Get started with our Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel Package here!

  • Enzyme Exfoliators
    (2 of 8)

    Potent formulas deliver a range of exfoliation activity for all skin types, with enzymatic bromelain and papain, and granulated Chinese herbs.  

  • power treatments
    (3 of 8)

    Our intensive collagen and radiance power treatments are formulated with higher, clinical doses of key active ingredients and are applied directly to the skin before a Power Mask.

  • Firming + Detoxing Masks
    (4 of 8)
    POWER Masks

    Highly targeted, complex professional formulas to zero in on poor elasticity, clogged pores, devitalized skin, toxins, dehydration and more.

  • Skin Sedation
    (5 of 8)
    Skin Sedation + COMEDONE REMOVAL

    Reduce cellular irritation, transient stinging or visible redness with our essential formulas to neutralize acids post-peel, prep the skin for extractions, and purify post-extraction.

  • Lightening + Brightening
    (6 of 8)
    Lightening + Brightening

    Professional lightening and brightening with powerful, clinically-proven formulas to fade the signs of discoloration and dark spots.

  • Massage Creams, Gels + Oils
    (7 of 8)
    Massage TREATMENTS

    Our massage formulas nourish, strengthen and infuse skin with antioxidants – each one yielding perfect slip while truly benefiting the skin.

  • Custom Blending
    (8 of 8)

    Every Bioelements facial features Custom Blending. It's the key to truly personalize your service, build loyalty, and make more money. With just a few drops of these concentrated blends, you can zero in on your client's biggest concerns. 

“I looked into other lines, but I didn't like the ‘one size fits all’ approach. I believe in taking a ‘gently aggressive’ approach to skin care, and I can do that with Bioelements. Most of all, my clients love it!” – Cari, Express Yourself Salon & Spa



  Want to know more? Download your copy of our catalog.



A one-of-a-kind system that sets you apart

Nothing in the industry comes close to Custom Blending. Our exclusive system allows you to zero in on your client’s biggest concerns, based on their SkinReading®. It guarantees you client loyalty – as their personalized custom blended formula can't be found anywhere else (not even on the internet). You'll become a sought-after cosmetic chemist in the treatment room with these highly concentrated formulas.

With just a few drops of Bioelements exclusive Custom Blending formulas, estheticians can create custom skin care, build loyalty and further zero in a client’s specific skin concerns.



“Custom Blending makes my clients feel like the product was made especially for them and no one else. And it is!” – Denise, Bellezza Salon & Spa



Facial Protocol

Bioelements Facial Protocol
“The Esthetician’s Facial”

Effective, easy to learn, and completely customizable. Bioelements facials are designed to empower the esthetician, fit seamlessly into your spa, and deliver the personalized touchpoints that clients want. 



key facialProtocol

We believe in pre-cleansing with our quick and thorough Signature Cleansing Massage. This reveals skin’s true state before the SkinReading® – since makeup can mask signs of sensitivity or other visible issues.

Bioelements SkinReading®
Read the skin and identify concerns

Take control of your treatment room with SkinReading® – our proprietary, advanced esthetics process that sets Bioelements apart from all other lines, and sets you apart from your competition. This tried-and-true system is designed to give you better results, more control, and ongoing client loyalty.

Want to hear more about this core of every Bioelements treatment? Contact us.


Our Cleansing Massage Signature Technique combines the appropriate cleanser with a physical scrub to prep skin for better absorbtion of active ingredients. 


Chemical Surface Peel
Choose the strength and activity of exfoliation

Your clients expect exfoliation or chemical surface peeling for immediate visible results. You decide the correct level of exfoliation or peel your client needs. Choose from six different formulas that vary in strength and activity. Our line of chemical peels, enzyme formulas and our exclusive Chinese Herbology all provide exceptional results for any skin type — with zero discomfort or the recovery downtime of traditional formulas.

Skin Sedation / Comedone Removal Prep Mask
Instantly calm skin post-exfoliation

We believe sedation always follows stimulation – and we build a dual-action step into every facial to save you time. Our approach neutralizes acid or enzyme activity, to ensure skin returns to a calm state that’s pliable for extractions – so you proceed with confidence.

Comedone Removal

Our protocol always includes time for comedone removal, and we’ll teach you a method that ensures fool-proof extractions.


Aromatherapy Massage
Provide an experience for the senses and skin

Elevate your client’s treatment in this protocol with our Aromatherapy Massage. A few drops of exclusive Aromatherapy Custom Blends along with our range of massage treatment and techniques will provide an experience for the senses and the skin. Discover how Custom Blending will put you on the map – talk to us.

Power Treatment
Zero in on your client’s exact needs

This is the part of the facial where you can zero in on your client’s needs and biggest skin concerns that day. You can create a one-of-a-kind, highly concentrated customized serum, or forgo custom blending and target concerns with one of our ready-to-go intensive formulas. The choice is yours – and entirely based on the client’s SkinReading®.

Power Mask
Continue to drive in active ingredients

Your Power Mask is our ‘occlusive seal’ to drive active ingredients deep into the skin. Applied right over the Power Treatment with our Double Brush Signature Technique, you choose the appropriate mask, and can custom blend it to further feed your client’s skin with exactly what it needs. The power is in your hands.

Signature Techniques
Maximize benefits and enhance the experience

Bioelements Signature Techniques are performed from the very start of the facial to the very end. Each one showcases the expertise of the esthetician, maximizes skin benefits and enhances the client’s experience. They incorporate the evoking scents of aromatherapy, the healing power of massage, the ancient therapy of acupressure – each one amplifying results and increasing client satisfaction. There are many facial-enhancing Signature Techniques that Bioelements Educators can teach you via our classes or online. Ready to put your signature on every treatment? Let’s talk.


We have the serums and sunscreens to refresh your client and the end of every treatment - and we’ll show you how to perform the Energy Tap Signature Technique to send them off renewed and energized.

“I love how I can customize each facial for my clients. No two facials are alike. I love what I do and using Bioelements makes my job that much more rewarding!” – Cari, Express Yourself Salon & Spa

pricing +plans
Bioelements Starter Treatment Room Plan
Launch your business with this essential treatment room plan that includes professional formulas to target most skin types and concerns.
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Bioelements Advanced Pro Services + Retail Plan
Help us understand your advanced professional treatment room and retail needs and we'll customize a solution for you.
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education &Benefits

This is way more than just a few extra perks.

Bioelements offers you a true partnership*, where you take complete advantage of our world class marketing, business strategies and unparalleled assets. As a Bioelements Partnership Spa, you'll get access to advanced education, extraordinary benefits and results-focused opportunities that are simply unmatched in the industry.

*the benefits below are available to Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase directly from Bioelements, or through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits.


Our EducationPlusTM goes above and beyond the classroom. We offer flexible advanced education that's available when and where you need it – via webinars, tech guides, classes, tradeshows, events and so much more. We'll ensure your entire team is up-to-date on everything from new esthetics techniques to the latest in skin science, and invaluable business tools.


“Not only are all the products amazingly customizable to each and every face that walks into the treatment room, but the education that goes along with it is phenomenal! Sold me for life.” – Laurie, Raphael’s


Get tips to maximize your time in the treatment room.
Follow treatment step-by-steps up-close.
Learn techniques that elevate your service.


From the moment you partner with Bioelements, you'll work one-on-one with a business network assembled to meet your every need. Our expert Bioelements Educators, Business Managers, and Customer Service associates will continually work with you to ensure your business grows with Bioelements.



Bioelements hosts interactive webinars on advanced esthetic subjects – from pollution and exfoliation, to detoxification and sensitive skin. All past webinars can be downloaded from our pro site Webinar library.



Our tech guides walk you though the science behind product benefits, skin physiology, ingredient breakdown and clinical results. Plus, we offer quick guide downloadable charts to help you easily identify the right product choices. All are available for download on Bioelements.com/pros.



Virtually stand right beside one of our experts as she takes you through our facial step-by-steps, signature techniques and pro product tips in our quick cut videos. It’s the easiest way to learn from the best in the business. A full library of videos is available on Bioelements.com/pros and on YouTube.com/Bioelements



SkinReading is the proprietary process we developed from 30 years of experience in the treatment room, in our labs, and in our classrooms. SkinReading builds integrity, clientele and sales and sets you apart from the competition. Our easy-to-use SkinReading Form, Skin Concerns Identifications and Solutions Chart, and At-Home Agenda Form helps guide you to take the appropriate actions throughout the client’s visit and achieve the best results.



A must-have for every esthetician, this comprehensive guide works as a "how-to" for products, treatment step-by-steps, ingredients, SkinReading, Custom Blending, and more. It's like having a Bioelements expert with you to answer every question. Receive a Manual for free with any opening order package. And an always-current version is available as a free download at Bioelements.com/pros.



Our blog is a growing online destination for solutions to the skin care concerns your clients care about most. Share our posts with your clients via Facebook – and use it to solidify the expertise of your staff, and promote your services. Each article helps you build client trust and loyalty – we've done the work for you!



On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, we're inspiring estheticians and informing our consumer fans with gorgeous educational posts, how-tos, images and videos. Plus, you can take the content we post and share it on your own professional pages.



Download print-quality images of our latest press mentions, posts from the social media influencers who rave about us, and our latest award-winning products – and frame and display them right in your spa.



We keep you current on all the latest via our Beyond The Treatment newsletter – featuring client talking points, sell-through tips, custom blend recipes, new press and more.



When customers want to find Bioelements, we guide them to our Spa Locator on Bioelements.com.  After typing in a search address, a list of the closest spas appears including spa’s address, phone number and web address. We'll even provide point-to-point driving directions.

*minimum purchasing requirements to qualify



Our Partnership Rewards Program is a benefit that rewards you for your Bioelements purchases. These rewards may include samples, GWPs, merchandising and treatment room tools, or more – all as a bonus benefit to help you grow your business. 

*minimum purchasing requirements to qualify


Designed to effectively ease your onboarding process of partnering with us, a Bioelements Educator will review all educational resources in this 1-hour orientation. She'll answer your product questions, and provide a thorough understanding of SkinReading and the Custom Blend Facial Protocol. The Educator will also review the services you can perform, and which videos, step-by-steps, tech guides, webinars, charts and Manual sections will be most helpful.



A 6-hour in-spa class based on the your exact order and needs. We'll assess the opening order, and customize a full day of education designed to get the account up and running successfully with Bioelements. Class includes an in-depth review of Bioelements SkinReading, product knowledge and demos of facial protocols – all based exclusively on the order placed.

*minimum purchasing requirements to qualify



As a World Class Spa, you represent the best in spa amenities, from products to services, and a dedication to excellence. Your commitment to Bioelements earns you world class rewards that includes quarterly in-spa education for your entire esthetics staff, to ensure they learn the latest treatments, techniques and product advancements, increased Partnership Rewards, access to a Bioelements Business Manager, purchasing goal with incentives, and more.

*minimum purchasing requirements to qualify



Planning on attending an industry show? We'll see you there! Each year, Bioelements Educators teach thousands of licensed professionals our latest treatments and techniques at shows nationwide. Find out if Bioelements is attending a show near you by visiting Bioelements.com/pros.



Our experts frequently contribute insightful articles or interviews in the industry’s top trade publications like Skin Inc, Dermascope, American Spa and more. Bioelements also continually has a presence in these trade publications via print and digital advertisements.



We'll give you an invite to exclusive Bioelements educational events. Commonly focused around a product launch, these events incorporate education, demonstrations, and business building tools to make sure you are fully equipped and confident to launch what’s new in your business. Plus, attend and you may receive free gifts, be entered to win raffle prizes, and take advantage of special offers.


Esthetics Expertise + Thought Leadership


A sample of our recent advanced educational articles from Bioelements experts:

Bespoke or Be Nothing: 10 Reasons to Custom Blend
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Is there a tool that can instantly offer the bespoke personalization your customers demand in the treatment room? Yes - Custom Blending gives you the power to zero in on individual concerns like breakouts, wrinkles, capillaries, dehydration, and more, and gives you total control over the activity of treatments and take-home products. This level of customization, achieved with just a few drops of powerful Actives and Aromatherapist Oils, provides the personalized service your clients want, and will set your facials apart from any other. 

It's the difference between a client experiencing a cookie cutter facial, and one that's so customized it may as well have her name on it. Here's 10 quick reasons you should offer this service-changing, bespoke experience:

1. It gives you more control over your results

Instead of an off-the-shelf product that cannot be modified, custom blending allows you to create an exact product for that client's needs, that day. You can even custom blend to alter the texture of a product, for example, to lighten up the texture of a heavier mask so it's more suitable for a combination-dry client with breakouts.

2. It lowers your cost per treatment

Custom blending gives you a higher profit margin on service, and eliminates the need for many skus to target a myriad of skin concerns. For example, you can create a personalized serum during your facial, or alter an existing product in virtually every treatment step instead.

3. It decreases your return rate

Custom Blending makes it more likely that your client will be satisfied with product results. And, if she is still not happy, she can bring it back for an adjustment.

If a client feels her moisturizer is not hydrating enough, a few drops of a custom blend additive (like Bioelements Deep Hydration and Soothing Concentrate) can be added to her jar. Problem solved, happy client. 

4. It maximizes results and creates brand loyalty

Your client's products are now “Made to Order.” She will be more likely to stick with you, as only YOU have her personalized formula, and you hold the key formula.

She may also become interested in other products as a result, as you can professionally recommend other formulas that can be customized with her individual recipe.

5. It demonstrates your expertise as a licensed professional

You can discuss exactly what you are adding to her formulas, and why each one will target her skin concerns and increase results. Be sure to stress that these are professional use only formulas, and the only way for her to get her products custom blended, is in your spa.

6. It keeps you engaged in the process of servicing your client

Custom Blending keeps you from getting stagnated. You are now a cosmetic chemist in the treatment room. Custom blending focuses your eyes on the small changes in your client’s skin—so your ideas stay fresh from visit to visit on how to change each formula to further improve her skin. Your client will respond to this enthusiasm, and be happy that her formulas can be customized as her skin improves.

7. It allows you to compete with other estheticians within the same business

Are you competing for the same clients within your business or another spa in the area? Just like a colorist keeps her client by being able to create that perfect shade of red, Custom Blending keeps your client asking for you for the same reason. YOU have her formula. Instead of not caring who performs her facial or replenishes her retail because it doesn’t matter, you become exclusive within your own business. Plus, you are able to further develop a relationship with your clients. 

8. It differentiates you from the competitors

No matter where your clients may purchase product, they can only get Custom Blended, personal attention and care from YOU. You have what others do not. Make sure your client knows this. 

9. It satisfies your clients' quest for bespoke

Instant gratification. Personalization. Custom Blending does it for you. And it can’t happen without YOU. 

10. It makes you more money

Your client is more likely to purchase a product from you if you personalize it to target her skin concerns. She is more likely to purchase more than one product.


Bottom line: If you don’t Custom Blend, you lose the edge over your competition. It’s what will set you apart from everyone else.


From Skin Inc magazine
by Dawn Gantt, Bioelements Regional Education & Business Manager

3 Ways to Explain Pollution + Aging to Clients
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Our world is getting increasingly dirty. Skin-aging atmospheric stressors are everywhere, from pollution, exhaust fumes, and industrial smoke, to ozone, extreme weather and free radicals. Scientists now say that day-in, day-out exposure to these atmospheric stressors is aging our skin.

In fact, researchers predict that pollution protection will have an impact on skin care that is just as great as UV protection, and become a key driver in the market as consumer consciousness increases. Are your clients aware of the damage caused by modern-day pollution? Here are some fast facts to share, and educate your clients on the negative effects – and solution for – pollution-induced aging.

1. Pollution ages your skin

The truth is, skin exposed to daily toxic pollution becomes prematurely aged, weakened, dull, dehydrated and sensitized.

Recent dermatol­ogical studies show:

  • The formation of lentigines increases with levels of traffic-related air pollution and air pollution-associated gases(1)
  • Study subjects living in more polluted areas have significantly worse skin hydration(1)
  • Study subjects living in more polluted areas show depleted vitamin E and squalene levels in the skin(2)
  • An increase in atmospheric soot is linked with 20 percent more pigment spots on the forehead and cheeks(1)
  • Soot, particles from traffic, and background pollution are associated with a more pronounced nasolabial fold(1)

2. Pollution is omnipresent

Unlike UV rays, which disappear when the sun goes down, or can be avoided entirely by staying indoors, pollution is everywhere. Car exhaust, ozone, smoke and free radicals are inescapable, no matter where you live. That's why it is crucial to protect skin on a day-in, day-out basis from the negative effects of pollution.

3. There's a Pollution Solution

New Remineralist Daily Moisture is a pollution-neutralizing, lightweight hydrating lotion for modern day aging skin.

How Remineralist Daily MoistureTM works

  • Sea salt oceanic minerals, red algae and malachite deliver powerful protection against the daily atmospheric stressors that cause premature aging
  • Replenishes skin's depleted minerals to achieve the elemental equilibrium of young skin
  • Helps detoxify and defend against stressors that cause lines, dehydration and irritation
  • Lightweight formula evens tone and renews hydration

Formula Science + Clinicals:

A Reminera­lizing Oceanic Formula

Sea salt oceanic minerals, red algae and malachite deliver powerful protection against the daily atmospheric stressors that cause premature aging

Surges Moisture

Increases skin's moisture content up to 70%* in just 15 minutes(3)

Strengthens Aging Skin

Red algae increases skin’s natural hyaluronic acid by 211% and ceramides by 56%(4)

A Copper-rich Pollution Magnet

Copper-rich malachite acts as a pollution magnet and inhibits pollution-induced superoxide anions within the cell at a rate of more than 98%(5)



(1) source: journal of investigative dermatology; (2) source: dermatology times

(3) scientif­ically tested results of 69.87% based on a 15-woman biophysical measurement study; (4)in a 9 day ex-vivo study; (5)in in-vitro testing


From SkinInc magazine

By Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

Here Comes the Guide: Bridal Client Tips
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By Bioelements, from Skin Inc magazine, May 2018 

As soon as a client first posts a photo on her Instagram of the gorgeous ring on her left hand – it's a safe bet she's already thinking about how her skin will look on the big day. That's where you come in – to help her plan out a perfect skin care calendar to ensure she looks her best at every upcoming event, from the engagement party to the last day of the honeymoon. We spoke with some of the country's most sought-after spa experts for their best tips to help clients plan for the big event.

Note: This guide works not only for the bride, but for anyone getting ready for a important event – from high school reunions, to prom or graduations. 

Pre-package a series of treatments and services that specifically cater to your client's needs, including services that focus on the face, body, back, and décolletage.

Flexibility is key here – as every bride's expectations are different. Let her customize what she wants – she may want to experience every type of service, or focus only on facials. Be adaptable to her goals.

"Promoting to the special occasion client takes some planning and creative thinking to stand out amongst your competitors. These clients are already on the quest for flawless skin. We create pre-wedding facial packages, and arrange the packages on a stylish timeline as a countdown to the wedding. Each bride can choose the package that best suits her needs, or be tailored to exactly what she wants."– Alina Houtz, Spa Manager, Jordan Thomas Salon and Spa, Bel Air, MD

Bridal clients are often new clients, making it a great opportunity for you to showcase your skin care expertise and develop a long-lasting relationship.

"Since we have reserved the bragging rights as the only Bioelements World Class Spa in San Diego, our guests find it intriguing and want to learn more. The fact that we can offer a one of a kind, customized spa experience, specific to each guests' needs and concerns in a relaxed, tranquil setting, all the while achieving instant, visible results is priceless, and appeals to every guest type, especially the bridal client." – Bonita Bragg, Manager of Spa Operations, Paradise Point, San Diego, CA 

A crucial part of ensuring your client looks her best on the big day is making sure she does her skin care homework. Recommend the right retail products to extend the results of her services and get her skin in optimal condition in-between facials. You can't work out at the gym, then eat poorly at home and expect to see results – skin care works the same way.
"I recently decided to offer all our Bioelements treatments as 80-minute services only. Why? It allows our estheticians to spend more quality time with the guest, perform a thorough SkinReading®, answer questions, write up professional recommendations and escort the guest back to the retail area post-service, where they will have time to educate them on the right at-home products, and custom blend them accordingly to further target concerns. Last week was our first week implementing this, and our retail sales literally doubled." – Bonita Bragg
All clients (especially brides) are looking for complimentary offers, discounts and incentives. Budget is everything when wedding planning, so make sure every offer is appealing and valuable.

"With my spa being located at a destination wedding resort, I have partnered with our Director of Sales to promote spa services, in particular, facial services. If a bride has not booked a spa treatment prior to her arrival, I will reach out and extend a complimentary Bioelements Custom Facial for her, when she also schedule the same facial for 5 members of her wedding party. Our Brides love it."
 - Bragg 

"We make sure to always highlight retail products for bridal clients. We'll choose a few products that compliment the service, and offer a same-day discount of 15-20%."
- Houtz


A bridal entourage includes the maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother-of-the-bride and mother of the groom – keep them in mind when you plan your bridal offers. 

For example, you can promote 15% off all services for groups of six or more. This is a great opportunity to promote your spa as a bachelorette party destination. Include gift bags, champagne, cocktails, appetizers and music to truly make it a memorable and fun event for the bride and her guests.

Simple, little details can make all the difference when it comes to planning for a big day.

"Dress up a gift with purchase! Decide how you want to incorporate a GWP, and then go one step farther. Personalize them with a pretty tag that says "bride-to-be" and a gorgeous bow. Do the same for the maid of honor gift bag, mother of the bride, etc. Small details go a long way and make you memorable." – Houtz

Hosting a wedding planning skin care event in your spa can be a great way to boost sales, increase bookings, introduce clients to new services and promote your spa to potential new brides-to-be. 

"We host in spa events to celebrate the wedding season and introduce our newest packages, innovative products and highly trained professionals to the world." – Houz 


Make sure your services and upcoming events are properly marketed. Promote your services and events via:

  • Advertising – Advertise digitally and in-print in your local magazines or newspapers.
  • Social Media – Promote the event via your spa’s Facebook page, Instagram,  and Twitter accounts, so your fans and followers can receive early notice. Remember, one post is not enough. You can also click 'Create an Event' on your Facebook page to officially post all the details to your followers.
  • Web site – update your website to promote and hype your offerings.
  • Email –  Send a targeted email to your current client list.
  • Signage – create signage to display inside your spa to promote the event. Your skin care line should offer easily-downloadable editorial images to help promote the event.
  • Outgoing message – Take advantage of your spa’s recorded outgoing phone message to promote your event. Add a short message announcing the event name and day – such as “Don’t forget to reserve your spot at our Vow to Wow Event on September 3 – space is limited.”
  • Local Media – Write a press release that includes the event facts (what, where, when) and send it out to your local broadcast news channels, magazines, and newspapers. Look for the name of the editor or writer who writes for the section covering local events and send it to their attention.

Brides are in the market for many services to help them get ready for the big day. Consider reaching out and cross-promoting your offerings with the following: 

  • Local gyms and personal trainers – As mentioned earlier, getting the skin in optimal shape is just like getting the body ready. Many brides and grooms will seek out professional help to get in great shape for the big day. For example, you can combine efforts with a local gym and offer a 6-month Bridal Boot Camp for Face + Body at an incentivized price. Workout your body at the gym, workout your skin at the spa! 
  • Hotels, wedding venues, and wedding planners – Offer referral incentives: "15% off any facial service series service for brides booked at Venue X."
  • Photographers – Work with local photographers to offer "photo ready wedding skin" offers, including incentives on retail and service packages.


With permission, take shots of your bridal clients enjoying the results of your services, and post them to your spa account. In addition, be sure to follow your clients' own personal accounts and re-gram their wedding-day photos! It's a great way to show the rest of your clients the results of a successful wedding skin care spa plan.

Some brides and grooms experience a bit of a let-down post-honeymoon, as all of the official wedding excitement has ended. Lift up their spirits with a Honeymoon Recovery – including facial and body treatments to reenergize the happy couple.
Intake Mistakes: 3 quick tips
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Here's a new mantra for you: "My treatment results are only as good as my intake forms."

As real world estheticians, we are constantly up against the clock. Between tighter schedules, less downtime between appointments, and increased retail pressure, it's easy to understand why some may think it's OK to overlook the importance of an intake form, or devote little time to it. But intake forms are not only the gateway to a meaningful dialogue between you and your client, they're your insurance policy to meet your client's expectations, every time.

So don't skip this insurance. Follow these tips below:

1. Make sure the form is filled out correctly

Every form must be filled out completely and correctly for every single treatment, no exceptions. Each client you see should be treated as a first-time client. Here's why (follow this example from client Jane):

Missing date:

Without a listed date, you have no way of knowing when the service was performed, in the event you need to go back and look at a particular treatment, check skin progress, etc.

No email:

You have no way of personally communicating with Jane to say thank you, send her invites, offer information, and more. 

Incomplete health info (questions 1, 5, 7, 11, and 12):

Skipped questions or vague answers can have a huge, negative affect on Jane's results.  You need medical info (doctor's care, medications, adverse reactions), as this affects how her skin will perform and respond to today's treatment. This will also greatly affect your treatment decisions and at-home recommendations. 

No listed concerns:

The #1 most important question to ask on your form is one that's often skipped. "What are your concerns and challenges?" – This question is the single reason Jane came to see you. It's the gateway to build a loyal and long-term relationship with her. It tells you what Jane's expectations are, and what you need to focus on that day.

No signature

When both Jane and you sign the form, it shows that you have reviewed it together, and by signing, she gives you permission to apply a chemical peel. This also potentially protects you against any liability (check your state's liability laws to make sure you are in compliance)


2. Avoid going on autopilot

As I mentioned above, we all know that time can often be tight, and less attention may be paid to a completed form. This is especially true for your repeat, long-term clients. You've already seen them dozens of times, so you "know" their skin, right? Wrong. Skin can change overnight. A client can start a new medication, or experience new skin-affecting stress, change their diet, or start using a new at-home skin care device. There are countless ways their skin can change from appointment to appointment. 

That's why it's crucial to ensure they fill out the form, and for you to go over it and follow up with the right questions.


3. Separate yourself from the competition

Your client is making an appointment with you because she wants help. She needs professional expertise and is looking for a solution to a real concern. Meet her needs, and prove yourself as an esthetician that is thorough, wise and effective. Your goal is to explain to her why her answers are so crucial to meet and exceed her expectations. When she understands the why behind your questions and actions, she'll come to know that you are a true professional with her best interests at heart.


Simply put, the intake form is a lifeline between you, loyal clients, and a successful career. When you truly understand your client's goals, and they in turn understand how you can make the best decisions for them, you'll see that intake forms are the key to visible results, and a growing clientele.


From Skin Inc magazine
by Dawn Gantt, Bioelements Regional Education & Business Manager

4 Easier Ways to Explain Free Radicals to Clients
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Chances are, your clients have heard about free radicals from magazines, blogs or even on social media. But do they really know about the damage these common skin-agers can cause? Establish your skin care authority and educate your clients with these simple explanations. Because clients should get their skin care wisdom from you, not a random blog. 

1. Compare Apples and... Skin Damage

Put free radical damage in terms your client has experienced first-hand. Ask, "Have you ever watched a cut apple slice start to brown?" That process is called oxidation, and it is caused by free radical destruction. Oxidation occurs when free radicals damage parts of the cells, such as proteins and cell membranes. Free radical damage can lead to wrinkles, lines, dehydration, hyperpig­mentation and loss of youthful volume.

When free radical oxidation occurs, cells become damaged and lose their ability to function normally. The body tries to compensate for this by activating inflammatory pathways. But this inflammation can further degrade collagen and elastin, which also leads to premature sagging and lines.

2. Name the Culprits

Free radicals are triggered by daily pollution, ozone, cigarette smoke, UV rays and extreme seasonal weather. Scientists are becoming more aware of the specific climatic threat of our environment, and how atmospheric stressors are prematurely aging our skin. Free radicals can even attack DNA and potentially lead to cancer.

3. Introduce Them to Superheroes

Antioxidants are skin's superhero against free radicals. Vitamins C, A and E are all potent antioxidants that help protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals. They work by interrupting free-radical damage. Antioxidants actually sacrifice themselves to save our cells; they offer themselves to be oxidized, rather than the cell.

As antioxidants are constantly sacrificing themselves to protect your skin, they must continually be replenished.

4. Give Them a Real Solution

Clients can help prevent free radical damage with skin care formulated with potent antioxidants. Bioelements new Plump Start is a plum-infused antioxidant concentrate that instantly improves fullness, nourishes and smoothes fine lines.

Powered by Collagen-4 Complex, this intensive plumping concentrate surges moisture deep into surface layers to soak skin with vitamin C charged antioxidants, and significantly scavenge free radicals from 70% to 85%.* This "liquid filler" includes three Australian wild plums plus a moisture-magnet marine bioactive to hold moisture in, and push it up through the epidermis to help support skin's volume and reclaim natural youthfulness. It is intelligent hydration that reads your skin and penetrates where it's needed - to visually improve the look of skin's wrinkle valleys and crevices.

* Based on wild plum in vitro testing


From SkinInc magazine

Treatment Room Taboo: Gloves or no gloves?
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We're always posting tips, tricks and news on Bioelements Facebook page, often sparking great conversation between both pros and spa-goers alike. Recently, posts demonstrating some of Bioelements Signature Techniques prompted comments, and even some questions, about the use of gloves during a treatment. Curious to hear how others felt about it, we opened the topic up with a question on our Facebook page. It turns out, some estheticians wear them from SkinReading until the end of the treatment. Others wear them only during extractions. Since it's such a popular topic, and one I find important to any facial experience - for both the professional and the client - I want to talk about why I always encourage estheticians to use gloves in the treatment room, throughout the entire treatment.

It's the law. Many states legally require that estheticians wear gloves during the extraction process to prevent the possible transmission of illness via blood or other bodily fluids. While this policy varies from state to state, it's reason enough to wear gloves during and post extraction to keep both client and esthetician safe.

Products last longer. Rosie Grain put it perfectly in our Facebook conversation: "Product seems to penetrate better into the skin instead of my hands." With the barrier of the glove between the skin of your hands and the skin care you're using, your client gets 100% of the product and its benefits, and you use less product!

Your hands are your business. Have naturally cold hands? Love to garden and have hands that show it? Experiencing dryness from constant washing and sanitizing? With gloves, your client will never know. Gloves that fit properly will warm hands and cover them in a smooth texture that glides over the skin when product is applied, removing any distractions and making it a pleasant experience for both you and your client.

Nails are a no-no. In our Facebook conversation, Ashley Hoskison added, "dead skin stays under nails for quite some time and I feel gloves are more sanitary." She's right! No matter how short and well-kept your fingernails are, dirt, dead skin, and bacteria can build up beneath them during the facial, leaving both you and future clients open to infection.

You are a pro! Medical and dental professionals take the same care with gloves when they interact with patients - why not bring that same level of professionalism and authority into your treatment room?

THE KEY: Make sure your gloves fit properly. I love non-latex gloves that are so thin that I can still feel the texture and temperature of my client's skin so there's no worry of losing a connection between you, your client, and their skin. A properly fitting glove should hug the hand so there's no excess material to make noise or slide around. Correctly-fitting gloves shouldn't be noticed by a client and, in my experience, even estheticians (who typically don't wear gloves during massage) have told me they couldn't tell a difference when I gave them a facial while wearing them. Quite a few of you said the same of your clients in our Facebook conversation!


- Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education


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We’re shaping the industry’s best and brightest future estheticians with an extraordinary school program backed by discounts, free support and education. 


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Exceptional Discounts
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Bioelements Partnership Schools are entitled to incredible savings including:

  • 50% off the spa price for Professional-Use-Only products, Professional Sizes and Custom Blend Additives
  • 30% off the spa price for Sample Foil Packs
  • 10% off the spa price for select Spa Accessories
  • Free shipping when you order $500+

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We customize opening order packages to fit your advanced esthetics or cosmetology curriculum needs. Our Bioelements School Representative will work with you to identify your program goals and budget and ensure you’re launched with the right assortment of products.

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We have 4 Student Kits ranging from a basic cosmetology kit to a deluxe esthetic kit. In addition to a step-by-step student guide for use in class, each kit also includes a FREE Bioelements Manual – the must-have detailed information guide for every licensed professional.

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Free Support Materials
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Every time you place a Bioelements order, we’ll reward you with 10% of your purchase total towards free support for your school. We offer a selection of support tools that will help you grow every facet of your business.

  • Samples, Preview Packs, Testers & Displays: Teach your students effective testing and sampling by letting their clients “try before they buy.”
  • Merchandising Tools: We have product brochures and spotlight display cards to help you merchandise your floor.
  • Retail Accessories: From sleek shopping bags to convenient sample envelopes, send your clients on their way with a Bioelements-branded package.
  • Instructor and Student Tools: We support the student’s every move. From client consultation pieces to product prescription pads that make professional recommendations easy.
  • Student Recruiting Tools: Deluxe trial sizes of our bestselling formulas bundled in an organza gift bag to use at student recruiting events.

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All school instructors will have access to the Bioelements professional website. We’ve packed a serious amount of product information, valuable tools, insider knowledge and more at Bioelements.com/pros, including:

  • Online Learning Center – View our entire class library online.
  • See what’s new from Bioelements – New products, promos, treatments and more.
  • Opt-in for Professional emails and newsletters to stay up-to-date.

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Student Benefits
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Bioelements has a few extra benefits just for students:

Access as a professional on Bioelements.com/pros

Partnership School Esthetic and Cosmetology students can register and have access to our professional site for one (1) year. They will have access to the same information as a professional such as the Online Learning Center, step-by-step treatment guides, Professional-Use-only product information, and find information on the benefits of partnering with Bioelements after graduation.

Bioelements Esthetic Student of the Year

There’s always one esthetic student who stands out from the rest. Each Bioelements Partnership School has the opportunity to select one esthetic student from each graduating class to receive a Bioelements Student of the Year Award.

The Student of the Year will receive the Esthetician’s Professional Discovery Set with Treatment Room Guide to get started doing facials – a $100 value. The student will also receive a certificate from Bioelements to show prospective employers. And with their consent, the student’s name will be shared with trade publications and promoted on Bioelements social media.

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Education for Everyone
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Whether you’re a school instructor or a student, you’ll receive FREE education from Bioelements. From interactive classes at the Bioelements Learning Center to product knowledge classes at your facility, we’ll make sure everyone is “in the know” with the essential skills for career success.

Education for new Partnership Schools

  • Purchases above $500: Access our professional website and Online Learning Center. Watch Learning on Demand videos and download step-by-step treatment guides.
  • Purchase above $2000: Receive a full day of education. We’ll send a Bioelements Educator into your facility to target your school’s specific needs. This can be applied towards educating your instructors or students.
  • Purchase above $3000: Receive a customized education plan to meet your specific needs. The more committed you are to our brand, the more education you will receive for your instructors and students.

Ongoing Education for Partnership Schools

We understand that every school is unique; therefore, on-going education is customized for each school based on your quarterly purchases.

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