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2 new pro-use-only concentrates, 
2 new retail corrective treatment masks + 2 new facials to powerfully transform skin.  Learn more.


A complete system backed by proven results

Bioelements has been committed to estheticians, awarded by experts and loved by clients – for over 25 years. Still a family owned business, Bioelements is dedicated to those who rely on our spa products for results – the skin care professionals.

“Created by an esthetician for the esthetician”

Barbara Salomone, Bioelements founder and CEO, was one of the first-ever licensed estheticians – and continues to lead product development. Known as the “architect of the modern facial,” she developed a way of learning and performing facials that’s fresh, easy to learn and completely versatile.

Bioelements makes your job easy

You’ll love us because our customized skin care treatments and take-home products develop client loyalty. We put the control in your hands, and make it easy to learn facial protocols. No weeks of education. No memorization. Just a seamless transition into any spa environment.

how weFormulate

How We Formulate

We deliver what serious customers expect: the highest standards of quality and performance from the best skin care line. Estheticians and at-home users want real professional results. No hype, no gimmicks, no false claims. 

anatomy of Bioelements skin care formula


Our clinical skin care formulas do not contain artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens – which can irritate and damage skin – and we never test on animals. Ready to see for yourself? Talk to us. 

at-homeSkin Care

At-Home Skin Care

Our trusted at-home formulas give your clients the same professional results they expect after receiving a spa facial. It’s a complete line of professional skin care products that can target any concern – from wrinkles or sagging, to dark undereye circles or breakouts – there’s a formula designed for it all. 

If you are a licensed professional and wish to purchase our wholesale products for your personal use visit our Bioelements Authorized Distributor page.

Product categories include
  • Cleansers
    (1 of 13)

    Great skin starts here: with formulas created for every single skin type.

  • Toners
    (2 of 13)

    Every skin needs the right toner to rebalance, renew and nourish.

  • Moisturizers
    (3 of 13)

    Designed to deliver hydration with active ingredients
    that protect, soothe and keep skin confortable.

  • Sensitive
    (4 of 13)

    Formulated with no artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance, perfume,
    parabens, DEA, phthalates or irritants.

  • Acne Clearing System
    (5 of 13)
    Acne Clearing System

    With the highest level, FDA-approved PTC acne medicines –
    formulated to clear skin without drying or irritating.

  • Problem Solvers
    (6 of 13)
    Problem Solvers

    A team of quick-thinking, high-potency formulas to call on
    when skin is under internal or environmental assaults.

  • Lightening + Brightening
    (7 of 13)
    Lightening + Brightening

    Fast-working formulas to brighten all over, or pinpoint and obliterate stubborn spots.

  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreens
    (8 of 13)
    Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

    Our broad spectrum sunscreens decrease the risk of early skin aging
    caused by the sun and provide daily moisturization.

  • Age Activists Face
    (9 of 13)
    Age Activists® Face

    Advanced formulas designed to turn back the clock, and zero in on
    loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, and rough texture.

  • Age Activists Eyes
    (10 of 13)
    Age Activists® Eyes

    Our eye formulas are designed to provide visible results, and are
    ophthalmologist tested for safety and efficacy.

  • Overnight Age Activists
    (11 of 13)
    Overnight Age Activists®

    Nighttime products that target visible age signs and work
    with the skin's natural overnight changes.

  • Corrective Treatment Masks + Exfoliators
    (12 of 13)
    Corrective Treatment Masks + Exfoliators

    A mask for every concern, from dehydration to acne-fighting; plus effective scrub and peel formulas to reveal brighter, younger skin.

  • Body
    (13 of 13)

    Antioxidant and 100% pure essential oils nourish neck-to-toes
    for smoother, hydrated, glowing skin.

use only
Skin Care

Professional-Use-Only Skin Care

Why do estheticians love, trust and rely on us? Because we put the control right in their hands. Our professional grade formulas are designed solely for use by trained professionals in the treatment room, and can be customized every step of the way. These highly active, natural and scientific esthetician products are extremely effective yet safe on the skin, and are a part of our targeted facial and body treatments.

Product categories include
  • Chemical Surface Peels
    (1 of 7)

    Our acid-hybrid glycolic and lactic Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel formulas dissolve surface cells microscopically, draw out aging environmental impurities and leave skin glowing, not flaking.
    Get started with our Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel Package here!

  • Enzyme Exfoliators
    (2 of 7)

    Potent formulas deliver a range of exfoliation activity for all skin types, with enzymatic bromelain and papain, and granulated Chinese herbs.  

  • power treatments
    (3 of 7)

    Our intensive collagen and radiance power treatments are formulated with higher, clinical doses of key active ingredients and are applied directly to the skin before a Power Mask.

  • Firming + Detoxing Masks
    (4 of 7)
    POWER Masks

    Highly targeted, complex professional formulas to zero in on poor elasticity, clogged pores, devitalized skin, toxins, dehydration and more.

  • Skin Sedation
    (5 of 7)
    Skin Sedation + COMEDONE REMOVAL

    Reduce cellular irritation, transient stinging or visible redness with our essential formulas to neutralize acids post-peel, prep the skin for extractions, and purify post-extraction.

  • Lightening + Brightening
    (6 of 7)
    Lightening + Brightening

    Professional lightening and brightening with powerful, clinically-proven formulas to fade the signs of discoloration and dark spots.

  • Massage Creams, Gels + Oils
    (7 of 7)
    Massage TREATMENTS

    Our massage formulas nourish, strengthen and infuse skin with antioxidants – each one yielding perfect slip while truly benefiting the skin.


A one-of-a-kind system that sets us apart in the industry

When we talk about “customized” skin care, we mean it. With our exclusive Custom Blending system, you become your own cosmetic chemist in the treatment room. Just a few drops of our highly concentrated formulas allow you to zero in on a client’s specific skin concerns – from aging to irritation, and everything in between. Custom Blending builds client trust and loyalty: you know each client’s “recipe” – her perfect custom blend formula.

Product categories include
  • Custom Blend Additives
    (1 of 7)
    Custom Blend Additives

    Take your pick and treat the signs of aging, breakouts, redness, dehydration and much more with a few drops of these pure botanical and antioxidant concentrations.

  • Blend Smooth
    (2 of 7)

    Soothe sensitive, stressed skin, and combat redness and dehydration with this Custom Blend Additive packed with comforting Calendula and Linden Flower extracts.

  • Custom Blend Aromatherapist Oils
    (3 of 7)

    Target excessively oily skin, congestion, pores, breakouts and redness with this oil-regulating and inflammation-reducing Custom Blend Additive.

  • Blend Deephyd
    (4 of 7)

    Rehydrate dry, flaky, thirsty skin with this Custom Blend Additive formulated with algae extract to improve skin’s texture and its ablity to absorb active ingredients.

  • Blend Capant
    (5 of 7)

    Reduce visible capillaries, stregthen skin and improve the look of telangiectasia with this Custom Blend Additive formulated to comfort and soothe distended capillaries.

  • Blend Antiage
    (6 of 7)

    Target lines, surface wrinkles, poor elasticity, UV damage and sagging skin with this Custom Blend Additive formulated with age-fighting Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3.

  • AromaTherapist Oils
    (7 of 7)

    Choose an essential oil – they’ll absorb into the skin and help increase circulation, regulate oil, soften lines, relieve environmentally stressed skin and more.


Below is an example of a Spa Menu you can create when you partner with us. The peels, acne and detox treatments your clients are searching for are all here. Designing a complete service menu is easy with Bioelements.

Facial Treatments

Bioelements Customized Facial 

Bioelements Collagen Rehab

Bioelements Radiance Rescue

Bioelements Pollution Neutralizing Facial

Firm and Lift Facial       

VitaMineral Deep Detox Facial

Depigmenting and Brightening Facial 

Chinese Herbology Facial

Calming Facial

Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel

Powerful Surface Peel

Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment

Acne Clearing Facial

Facial for Men


V-Neck Firming Mask

Chinese Herbology Elbow Rescue 

Chinese Herbology Hand Renewal 

Chinese Herbology Foot Renewal 


Body Treatments

Chinese Herbology Body Retexturizer Wrap

Chinese Herbology Body Polishing Massage

Bioelements Citrus Fruit Oil Wrap


Fast Results Treatments

Fast Results: Facial

Fast Results: Peel

Fast Results: Lift

Fast Results: Eye Smoother

Fast Results: Brilliant Back

Facial Protocol

Bioelements Facial Protocol
“The Esthetician’s Facial”

You can create an almost infinite number of customizable treatments with our easy step-by-step.  

Easy to learn

You don’t need to memorize complicated step-by-steps for every facial on your menu.

One-step versatility

It’s one versatile protocol that allows you to make decisions at every step, and create countless treatments for all your clients.

Launchpad to success

This “launching pad” will build your entire service menu, empower you, and fit seamlessly into your spa.

key facialProtocol

We believe in pre-cleansing with our quick and thorough Signature Cleansing Massage. This reveals skin’s true state before the SkinReading® – since makeup can mask signs of sensitivity or other visible issues.

Bioelements SkinReading®
Read the skin and identify concerns

Take control of your treatment room with SkinReading® – our method to accurately read a client’s skin type, and recognize and identify skin concerns. This tried-and-true system allows you to proceed at every step with total confidence. Want to hear more about this core of every Bioelements treatment? Contact us.


Our Cleansing Massage Signature Technique combines the appropriate cleanser with a physical scrub to prep skin for better absorbtion of active ingredients. 


Chemical Surface Peel
Choose the strength and activity of exfoliation

Your clients expect exfoliation or chemical surface peeling for immediate visible results. You decide the correct level of exfoliation or peel your client needs. Choose from six different formulas that vary in strength and activity. Our line of chemical peels, enzyme formulas and our exclusive Chinese Herbology all provide exceptional results for any skin type — with zero discomfort or the recovery downtime of traditional formulas.

Skin Sedation / Comedone Removal Prep Mask
Instantly calm skin post-exfoliation

We believe sedation always follows stimulation – and we build a dual-action step into every facial to save you time. Our approach neutralizes acid or enzyme activity, to ensure skin returns to a calm state that’s pliable for extractions – so you proceed with confidence.

Comedone Removal

Our protocol always includes time for comedone removal, and we’ll teach you a method that ensures fool-proof extractions.


Custom Blend Massage
Provide an experience for the senses and skin

Elevate your client’s treatment in this protocol with our Custom Blend Massage. A few drops of 100% pure Custom Blend Aromatherapist Oils along with our range of massage techniques will provide an experience for the senses and the skin, with benefits such as increased circulation, oil control, softening of lines and relieving environmentally stressed skin. Discover how Custom Blending will put you on the map – talk to us.

Power Treatment
Zero in on your client’s exact needs

This is the part of the facial where you can zero in on your client’s needs and biggest skin concerns that day. You can create a one-of-a-kind, highly concentrated customized serum, or forgo custom blending and target concerns with one of our ready-to-go intensive formulas. The choice is yours – and entirely based on the client’s SkinReading®.

Power Mask
Continue to drive in active ingredients

Your Power Mask is our ‘occlusive seal’ to drive active ingredients deep into the skin. Applied right over the Power Treatment with our Double Brush Signature Technique, you choose the appropriate mask, and can custom blend it to further feed your client’s skin with exactly what it needs. The power is in your hands.

Signature Techniques
Maximize benefits and enhance the experience

Bioelements Signature Techniques are performed from the very start of the facial to the very end. Each one showcases the expertise of the esthetician, maximizes skin benefits and enhances the client’s experience. They incorporate the evoking scents of aromatherapy, the healing power of massage, the ancient therapy of acupressure – each one amplifying results and increasing client satisfaction. There are many facial-enhancing Signature Techniques that Bioelements Educators can teach you via our classes or online. Ready to put your signature on every treatment? Let’s talk.


We have the serums and sunscreens to refresh your client and the end of every treatment - and we’ll show you how to perform the Energy Tap Signature Technique to send them off renewed and energized.

Build Your Menu with The
Bioelements Protocol 

We make it easy to add services to your spa menu. Here’s 3 examples to show you how simple it is, based on your client’s SkinReading®:

Client A
Sagging, Aging Skin

Power Treatment Step

Choose Anti-Aging Active as one of your custom blend additives and blend with Softening Gel

Power Mask Step

Choose Flaxx-C Firming Mask and V-Neck Firming Mask

Your New Treatment
Firm and Lift Facial
Client B
Dullness, Dehydration

Power Treatment Step

Choose Oxygenation® as your targeted treatment

Power Mask Step

Choose Advanced VitaMineral Deep Detox Mask

Your New Treatment
VitaMineral Deep Detox
Client C
Aging Skin, Pigmented Spots, Dullness

Power Treatment Step

Custom blend a serum based on SkinReading®

Power Mask Step

Choose Lactic-Plus Peel blended with Kerafole®

Your New Treatment
Powerful Surface Peel
pricing &PACKAGES
Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel New Door Package
$185 value of FREE merchandising and esthetic support tools
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Custom Blend Facial Starter Kit
$91 value of free treatment room and education support included
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Retail Starter Package
$126 value of free retail and merchandising support included
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Acne Clearing System Add-On Package
$122 value of FREE merchandising and esthetic support tools
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HIS Bioelements Retail Package
$45 value of FREE retail support
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Try Before You Buy
$79 value Call 800.433.6650 to order now!
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rewards &Benefits

Partnership Rewards and Benefits

As a Bioelements Partnership Spa, you’ll receive a comprehensive package of benefits and rewards* to grow every facet of your business. And – we won’t make you jump through hoops to take advantage of them.

*the benefits listed below are available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits

Here’s what you get:

Online Learning Center

Learning never ends with Bioelements – because you can get education where and when it’s convenient for you. We’ve taken our entire renown education curriculum and Bioelements Educator knowledge and made it available at Watch our videos and take your entire staff’s education to the next level.

Available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits

Get tips to maximize your time in the treatment room.
Follow treatment step-by-steps up-close.
Learn techniques that elevate your service.
Partnership Rewards

Partnership Rewards

Get exclusive entrance into our Partnership Rewards Program to redeem samples, GWPs, merchandising and treatment room tools. The Bioelements Rewards program gives you the flexibility to select everything you need to grow your business. Once you purchase just $500 a quarter, you’re automatically enrolled. You’ll start earning points that will be distributed 4 times a year. Then – you can start shopping! 

Available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits


We make it easy to stay ahead of the industry, make your clients happy, and keep your rooms booked. New accounts that purchase the Custom Blend Retail & Facial Complete Package, existing accounts that purchase $2700+/quarter, and World Class/World Class Elite accounts qualify for private In-Spa Education. We also hold classes at Tradeshows across the country, On-Location Classes in neighborhoods near you, In-Spa Events hosted by our experts, advanced Webinars, and 24/7 Education On Demand at

Available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits

Spa Locator

Listing on the Spa Locator

When customers want to find Bioelements in their neighborhood, we guide them to the Spa Locator on our consumer web site. After typing in their search address, a list of closest spas will appear, including an address, phone number and a website address. We’ll even provide point-by-point directions. Spas that purchase and maintain a minimum of $1000 per quarter will automatically be included.

Available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits

New Account Orientation

New Account Orientation + Education Program 

Designed to effectively ease the onboarding process of partnering with Bioelements, new accounts will receive a one-hour Orientation Call with an Educator to review resources and services, answer questions, and provide an understanding of SkinReading and Custom Blend Facial protocols. The Educator will also review services the account can perform with the opening order, and which key educational videos, treatments, technical guides, webinars, quick charts and Manual sections will be most helpful.  

Available to all new Bioelements Accounts who purchase an Opening Order Package

Professional News

Professional News Now and Beyond the Treatment email newsletters

Stay in-the-know with our professional info sent straight to your inbox. We’ll keep you up-to-date on product & treatment news, launches and more so you're always aware of the latest.

Available to authorized Bioelements Partnership Accounts who purchase through an authorized distributor reseller that opted into these programs and benefits

Trust Bioelements to help build your business and stand by your side every step of the way. Ready to get empowered, create devoted clients, and back it all up with over 20 years of clinical results? 

Open An Account


Bioelements Partnership School Program

We’re shaping the industry’s best and brightest future estheticians with an extraordinary school program backed by discounts, free support and education. 


Open A School Account

Exceptional Discounts
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Bioelements Partnership Schools are entitled to incredible savings including:

  • 50% off the spa price for Professional-Use-Only products, Professional Sizes and Custom Blend Additives
  • 30% off the spa price for Sample Foil Packs
  • 10% off the spa price for select Spa Accessories
  • Free shipping when you order $500+

Open a school Account

Customized Opening Order Packages
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We customize opening order packages to fit your advanced esthetics or cosmetology curriculum needs. Our Bioelements School Representative will work with you to identify your program goals and budget and ensure you’re launched with the right assortment of products.

Open a School Account

Complete Student Kits
Expand For Details

We have 4 Student Kits ranging from a basic cosmetology kit to a deluxe esthetic kit. In addition to a step-by-step student guide for use in class, each kit also includes a FREE Bioelements Manual – the must-have detailed information guide for every licensed professional.

Open A School Account

Free Support Materials
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Every time you place a Bioelements order, we’ll reward you with 10% of your purchase total towards free support for your school. We offer a selection of support tools that will help you grow every facet of your business.

  • Samples, Preview Packs, Testers & Displays: Teach your students effective testing and sampling by letting their clients “try before they buy.”
  • Merchandising Tools: We have product brochures and spotlight display cards to help you merchandise your floor.
  • Retail Accessories: From sleek shopping bags to convenient sample envelopes, send your clients on their way with a Bioelements-branded package.
  • Instructor and Student Tools: We support the student’s every move. From client consultation pieces to product prescription pads that make professional recommendations easy.
  • Student Recruiting Tools: Deluxe trial sizes of our bestselling formulas bundled in an organza gift bag to use at student recruiting events.

Open A School Account
Expand For Details

All school instructors will have access to the Bioelements professional website. We’ve packed a serious amount of product information, valuable tools, insider knowledge and more at, including:

  • Online Learning Center – View our entire class library online.
  • See what’s new from Bioelements – New products, promos, treatments and more.
  • Become Bioelements Certified with the Brand Certification Program – Study and Test your Product Knowledge on top selling retail products.
  • Opt-in for Professional emails and newsletters to stay up-to-date.

Open A school Account

Student Benefits
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Bioelements has a few extra benefits just for students:

Access as a professional on

Partnership School Esthetic and Cosmetology students can register and have access to our professional site for one (1) year. They will have access to the same information as a professional such as the Online Learning Center, step-by-step treatment guides, Professional-Use-only product information, and find information on the benefits of partnering with Bioelements after graduation.

Bioelements Esthetic Student of the Year

There’s always one esthetic student who stands out from the rest. Each Bioelements Partnership School has the opportunity to select one esthetic student from each graduating class to receive a Bioelements Student of the Year Award.

The Student of the Year will receive the Esthetician’s Professional Discovery Set with Treatment Room Guide to get started doing facials – a $100 value. The student will also receive a certificate from Bioelements to show prospective employers. And with their consent, the student’s name will be shared with trade publications and promoted on Bioelements social media.

Open A school Account

Education for Everyone
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Whether you’re a school instructor or a student, you’ll receive FREE education from Bioelements. From interactive classes at the Bioelements Learning Center to product knowledge classes at your facility, we’ll make sure everyone is “in the know” with the essential skills for career success.

Education for new Partnership Schools

  • Purchases above $500: Access our professional website and Online Learning Center. Watch Learning on Demand videos and download step-by-step treatment guides.
  • Purchase above $2000: Receive a full day of education. We’ll send a Bioelements Educator into your facility to target your school’s specific needs. This can be applied towards educating your instructors or students.
  • Purchase above $3000: Receive a customized education plan to meet your specific needs. The more committed you are to our brand, the more education you will receive for your instructors and students.

Ongoing Education for Partnership Schools

We understand that every school is unique; therefore, on-going education is customized for each school based on your quarterly purchases.

Open A School Account

Ready to partner with us?

It’s simple. Send us your information, and a Bioelements Representative will be in touch with you soon.  Just click the button below to get started.


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4 NEW launches!

New Age Activist® formulas targeting COLLAGEN and RADIANCE:

Bioelements New Launches
  • New! Collagen Rehab Retail Mask
    (1 of 4)

    NEW Collagen Rehab retail mask

    Collagen, amino acid + mango emulsion mask

  • New! Collagen Rehab Pro Concentrate
    (2 of 4)

    NEW Collagen Rehab Pro Concentrate

    Professional-use-only power treatment formulated with higher, clinical doses of key active ingredients

  • New! Radiance Rescue Retail Mask
    (3 of 4)

    NEW Radiance Rescue retail mask

    White truffle, caffeine + murumuru butter creme face and eye mask

  • New! Radiance Rescue Pro Concentrate
    (4 of 4)

    NEW Radiance Rescue Pro Concentrate

    Professional-use-only power treatment formulated with higher, clinical doses of key active ingredients


Collagen + Radiance Education Events!

Bioelements Partnership Estheticians & Accounts: Attend our educational events and learn:

  • How skin loses collagen and radiance due to age, stress, lifestyle and diet
  • The science behind Bioelements NEW retail and pro-use-only products
  • Watch an interactive facial demonstration featuring Collagen Rehab Pro Concentrate and Radiance Rescue Pro Concentrate choices
  • Learn how to perform Bioelements NEW Youth Renew Massage signature technique
  • Enjoy a free gift bag when you attend – and enter win our raffle prizes.
  • Take advantage of special offers available only to event attendees!
Collagen Rehab + Radiance Rescue Pro + Retail Intro Offer
$109.45 value of savings and FREE retail and merchandising support
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Collagen Rehab + Radiance Rescue Retail Intro Offer
$83.50 value of FREE retail and merchandising support
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