Bioelements Skintellectuals
Social Media Program


Are you a Bioelements Skintellectual?
We’re looking for Bioelements estheticians who are knowledgeable, confident, passionate about Bioelements — and love to spotlight their expertise on social media! The Bioelements Skintellectual program is open to current Bioelements estheticians who use Bioelements professional-use-only formulas in the treatment room, and retail our at-home products.

How does it work?

This program is designed for exceptional, knowledgeable and socially-savvy estheticians who want to share their love of Bioelements on their professional Tik Tok and Instagram feeds. Working with our social media team, you’ll create videos and/or photos for varying content campaigns. These may be specific to product launches, facial services, SkinReading, Custom Blending, Signature Techniques, key ingredients, skin concerns, or general “day in the life”-type spotlights. You’ll post content to your own channel(s), and Bioelements may amplify this content on our own social media, or feature in other marketing efforts.

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Who can be a Bioelements Skintellectual?
Must be a working Bioelements esthetician
Must live in the U.S.
Must have an approved account under your name/email address on
Must have an active, professional account on Instagram and/or Tik Tok - we’re looking for estheticians who effectively use their social media to post skin care content
Have good eye for video + photo composition and aesthetics

How do I get started?
Interested estheticians can fill out the form below. Our social media team will review applicants and reach out to ones who are a good match for current campaigns.
NOTE: campaigns will be ongoing, so if you don’t hear from someone immediately, don’t worry!
You may be a great match for a campaign in the future.

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