The Duet Facial + Wax

Service Menu Description

A clinical facial treatment + wax service designed to hydrate, smooth and completely revive your skin. It starts with a Bioelements SkinReading to reveal your skin’s biggest needs, followed by steamy, deep cleansing personalized to your skin type, thorough hair removal, and a deeply hydrating power mask.  30 minutes

Experience Includes

Bioelements SkinReading, Deep Cleansing Massage, Personalized Custom Blending, Hair Removal (optional), Hydrating Power Mask 

Cost Per Treatment


Service Menu Description

Are your hands prematurely aging you? Is the skin on your arms rough, dry, and damaged? Our powerful, non-surgical chemical peel will remove the uppermost layers of aging skin on the arms and hands, and reverse years of aging damage. You’ll see smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin – with zero pain, zero flaking and zero downtime. 15 minutes

Cost Per Treatment

The average cost for this treatment is $4.46.

FAQ: The Duet Facial + Wax

How do I learn the Bioelements Signature Techniques in the treatment?

Bioelements Signature Techniques are the personalized techniques that are beneficial to the client and maximize the benefits of a facial, including Aromatherapy Breathing, Signature Massage and more. These Signature Techniques may be performed in any Bioelements facial based on the Bioelements SkinReading. Learn them all here.

How should I recommend at-home products?

Let your client know before the treatment begins that you will make professional recommendations for their At-Home Agenda. Doing so gives you permission to make the professional recommendation and complete the circle of treatment, based on their SkinReading. Always offer your client Custom Blending on all retail products designated as Custom Blendable.

Example: You can say “I professionally recommend you add the following products listed here to your At-Home Agenda, to achieve the goals we discussed for your skin.” Learn more about SkinReading here.

Why is Peel Prep Lipid Eraser applied to the skin prior to hair removal if I am not performing a chemical peel? Is it necessary?

Yes it is necessary. Peel Prep Lipid Eraser will not only ensure that no skin or product oils are left on the skin. It also hydrates and soothes skin, so you will get a better result from your wax application.


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