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Best of Bioelements Sample Set



Are you a current esthetics or cosmetology student who wants to sample Bioelements but are not sure where to start? We’ve assembled 8 of our very bestselling retail formulas in this convenient set — which can include sample foils of essential cleansers, moisturizers, serums or corrective treatment masks.

The 8 samples included in this set reflect current bestselling formulas, which fluctuate over time. Therefore we cannot provide a specific list of contents.

more esthetics resources
for students:

Treatment Protocols — learn the step-by-steps of our spa menu, from corrective facials to body treatments

Webinars — learn about our products, the science behind skin care, and get the confidence to make the right decisions in the treatment room

Videos — stand right beside one of our experts as she takes you through a facial

Signature Techniques — learn how to perform our highly personalized techniques that are beneficial to the client and maximize the benefits of a facial

Key Ingredient Glossary — brush up on your ingredient knowledge

Graduating soon? Here’s some great news:

Once you graduate, your Student registration on Bielements.com/pros will expire. So don’t forget to come back and register as a Licensed Esthetician/Comsetologist, so you can continue to shop for your personal use.

If you are looking to open a Spa + Salon Business with Bioelements, then register as a Spa + Salon Business looking to become a Bioelements Reseller. You will be granted access to purchase a new door Opening Order Plan for your business at wholesale and will start earning Partnership Spa Benefits with that first purchase.

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